A Beginning… The First Post

Maybe at some point there will be something of interest here, but for now I am only experimenting.  The source of this blog came from a conversation about how if you work on the web you should have a blog.  I am not the sort to actually place everything out on the web – so I won’t.  This blog will touch on subjects that I will come across in both my work and sometimes my personal life.

There will be nothing juicy – just items that I am thinking about in what spare time I have.  If I ever get followers I am hoping to ask questions and develop some converstations – if not it will serve as a way to flesh out concepts and maybe test development of the WordPress system.  I have only installed about a dozen of them and I am constantly changing how they work – of course to a point where I cannot upgrade them due to breaking functionality for components modified for a previous system.  I will try not to do that here.

This is just the beginning – so be patient – I will try to find my voice quickly.

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