Article: User Experience for Developers

UX for Developers

Pek Pongpaet has posted a good article at  I have been fascinated by User Experience for years, but admit that I am quite the amateur.  I am as guilty as the IT worker in the ‘of course the user will understand exactly what we want them to do.’  Flash forward 3 months, hour 2 on a support call that Customer Service has given up on…

Me: Please click on the green arrow.

Customer: What green arrow?

Me: Which page are you currently on?

Customer: I am on my computer, I don’t have a book or a manual.

Me: I mean which web page are you looking at in your browser?

Customer: What’s a browser?

Me: [pause. sound of head hitting desk] What program are you using to access the internet?

Customer: I don’t use a program, I use the blue picture on the computer, looks like an E.  I just want to XXXX, why do you have to make it so difficult?

It all made sense when we built it, our beta test went fairly well [although limited], but in the real world you get such a variety that who knows how it will preform.

I digress – this is an interesting post with some good suggestions for resources I use myself.

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