Financial Times Deactivating iOS Apps

Financial Times

So, I read today that the Financial Times is deactivating their iOS apps over the next few weeks.   Some time ago built their HTML5 version of their site and have decided that they no longer need to support their iOS apps.

HTML5 version of

Personally, I find this very interesting.  I work for a news organization [not to be mentioned] and at this very moment I am anxiously awaiting Apple’s approval to release our latest iPad app with a deadline for being the App Store that I don’t think we are going to make.  When I read the story above I realized that despite having over a dozen news apps installed on various devices, I only really use one Zite – which I think rocks.


Why do I use Zite more than any other news app?  Because it finds the stories I would most likely find on my own – every time I open it I find 4-5 articles/posts that interest me on the subjects I want and over time it learns what I like and I get more and more, but back to the subject at hand.

What you can do now with HTML5 is pretty amazing and without having to branch out into separate code bases for Android, iPhone and iPads – you can really create a wonderful user experience without all that duplicate labor. on iPhone

You can skip the approval process, update on the fly and reuse your existing content without all the ‘trouble’.  I think FT is going down the right path.

What do you think?

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