Decode DC – Worth a Listen


My sister brought the podcast Decode DC to my attention not too long ago, because Andrea Seabrook is an alum of her college – that and I work for a DC paper at times.  I have to say that I am, so far, quite impressed with what I have heard so far.  I am a bit of a podcast ‘freak’ – it is pretty much all I listen to in the car, doing dishes, at the gym.

I just finished ‘Episode 7: Cerfing the Net‘ – which was pretty interesting conversation with Vint Cerf – “One of the Fathers of the Internet”.

I do have one very small issue with podcast though – and that is the it seems a little over produced.  Something I see happening more an more with several podcasts.   I call it the ‘This American Life’ syndrome.  TAL mixes a fair amount of ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ background and transition music into their broadcasts, for the most part very well.  Occasionally you might wonder if they need to pad the hour, but generally it is done quite well.

Those with TALS – try to achieve the same effect as the ‘masters’ of this, but generally do not accomplish the same feel.  There were several points in these episodes where the music became too dominant [loud] and went on for such a long time that I was wondering if I accidentally hit a music button on my iWhatever.

The worst sufferer of this syndrome that I have come across is Freakonomics – fantastic listen, subject-wise – you will wonder if the podcast would only be 3 minutes without lead-ins, transitions, pauses and padding to the end [and the podcast ALWAYS cuts off before the actual end, but it only credits].

Well, I have digressed way off the path in my rant.  I do strongly recommend Decode DC – they are looking for sponsors, funding and advertising – I am hoping for more stories from them more frequently and hope at least someone will take a look at them after reading this.

Go – and please enjoy.

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