Last Chance to Stream The Wedding Banquet

The Wedding Banquet

The rumor is that is pulling The Wedding Banquet from their roster.  Here is a partial list from Gizmodo, and I noticed ‘my film’ in the list. This is probably the most famous movie of my brief time working in film [well, it was 10+ years – mostly commercials].  If you wait until the very end you will see a Best Boy credit with my name attached to it.  It was interesting working with Ang Lee before he became Ang Lee But I was way too far down the line to ever really interact with him, but you have to name drop when you can.

You can also catch a credit on one of these:

Living in Oblivion [there wasn’t a non-union crew that didn’t work on this. Bonus: Peter Dinklage]

Six Ways to Sunday [the movie that killed my feature career,  too long to explain here]

The Daytrippers [I think I have a credit – did a few days.  You should really see it either way]

This concludes today’s rambling.

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