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JQuery Alert Notices

Thanks to Boagworld for tweeting this wonderful Pines Notify jQuery Plugin.

It seems to have a whole bunch of features I could employ [although a little too late] into a current project:

  • Timed hiding with visual effects.
  • Sticky (no automatic hiding) notices.
  • Optional hide button.
  • Supports dynamically updating text, title, icon, type…
  • Stacks allow notice sets to stack independently.
  • Control stack direction and push to top or bottom.
  • Supports HTML (including forms) in title and text.
  • Variable opacity.
  • Supports Pines icons/jQuery UI icons/any CSS based icons.
  • Supports custom classes for individual notice styling.
  • Standard and custom effects.
  • Optional drop shadows.
  • Callbacks for various events, which can cancel events.
  • History viewer allows user to review previous notices.
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict compliance.
  • I don’t have much experience with jQuery, but I am really liking a lot of the plugins that I have been seeing lately.

    A/B Testing

    Here is a nice, short – and to the point – post about A/B testing and the results it yielded.

    I know in most projects I have worked on recently A/B testing has not gone beyond internal back-and-forth.  Something I hope to change moving forward.  It we could only budget the time to do so.