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‘We will test…’

We Can Do It

I got one of those emails this morning that just set me off for no real reason [and really unjustifiably so].  It was an email about a small bug fix that was noticed over the weekend and the development team had just notified us that it had been fixed.

In response, my boss [nice guy, nothing negative about him] replied that ‘We will test.”  Who is this ‘we’?  I know that he is not going to test – he does not have the time nor the ability to properly test the bug fix.  There is no one on the production team that can do proper testing at this stage.  There are no other management person with access to the backend – that leaves me.  I am “we.”

What set me off about this is in addition to the 104 other to-do items I have on my list I now have to add this to my top priorities.  Not that it is going to take longer than 1/2 an hour to test, but on a Monday morning – it feels like it is going to push me over the edge.  His response also insinuates that there a ‘bunch’ of available to stop everything we are working on to debug and confirm these rush fixes.

It’s just me here – alone with my two monitors – with a list of tasks that fill both.

That’s the end of my rant for today.

Need to Start Trying

Durham, NC

I really need to start regularly blogging.  There are a whole bunch of topics I would like to touch on in the next few weeks.  Most of which are associated with potential projects including migrating to Drupal, using NGINX in a production environment, Percona DB migration and web site layouts [there are a few that I have very strong opinions on and where design is going in general].

I hope to start working small and getting more and more into the writing, but there are the day to day tasks that always get in the way.  I may throw a picture or two in when I feel like it – but that may be rare.

Fontularity – Most Popular Fonts


Here is a little infographic from – I would have placed the whole graphic here, but it is a little wide for my site, and besides they deserve the traffic for the work.

I feel like I spend hours arguing for and against certain font choices based on rather ancient stats on what computers have what fonts.  I tend to be a minimalist, Arial, Helvetica, Times [New Roman], but with this I might be able to expand a little bit on that beaten path.

Unrelated: I have been working on a site that utilizes fonts from, which has been pretty interesting.  There have been some quirks, formatting and style issues, but in general it has been working out pretty well.  If you don’t have much traffic, they have a free service which is useful for testing.  For you designer types I would recommend a look at it – it will slow you pages down a little, but overall we have been very happy.  I will have a better idea about cost once we launch and are out of beta testing.