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USB Cords and Other Stuff of Interest…

AViiQ USB Cords

I have been trying to connect this blog to my Evernote account, so I could get my ‘interesting’ links posted here automatically, but after a week or so of tries I am giving up.

In other news, I attended the AWS Summit 2012 NYC yesterday and it was pretty interesting, although seemed a little heavy on the sales pitch.  I am hoping that the presentations will eventually be on the web, since I would like to view a couple that I attended over again and view a couple that I missed.  I was constantly distracted by issues at work throughout the day, which was a little annoying. Probably more on this later, after I digest what I saw.

In the meantime, here are a couple of links for today.

Pinterest – Everyone is trying to be on Pinerest


Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest – that is all I have been hearing about all week.  I have to admit that I am curious – one of the sites I work with has just set up a page and I have submitted my request for an invitation [still waiting].  I am hoping that this will not be an over-hyped social farce.  Then again, I am also think Facebook is an over-hyped social farce – so take this with a grain of salt.

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Chartbeat vs Google Real-Time

Charbeat vs Google Real-Time

I have been using Charbeat and Google Analytics for quite a while now an have only recently really started to look at Google’s Real-Time features.  Yes, sure they are still in beta, but what at Google isn’t in beta.  Today on one of the sites I work on we had a slashdot effect link [take your normal day’s traffic, multiply by 1000 and condense into an hour] and I was monitoring both Chartbeat and Google at the same time.  For the first hour there was no comparison – we had exceeded our account size and only Google was showing me ‘true’ numbers.

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In 2011 – What is a Blog?

A long time ago, in my youth [or maybe it was just around 2001] I was consulting with a web site and they were really interested in starting a ‘weblog’ – the new rage across the net.  Blogger, WordPress, MovableType and so many more.  I was aware of many at the time and had installed several CGI versions as well.  In the beginning it was meant as a web log, a personal recording of your day, your thoughts, opinions and silly things you had found on the web.  It was geared towards the individual and their voice and everyone took to it like fish to water.

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