USB Cords and Other Stuff of Interest…

AViiQ USB Cords

I have been trying to connect this blog to my Evernote account, so I could get my ‘interesting’ links posted here automatically, but after a week or so of tries I am giving up.

In other news, I attended the AWS Summit 2012 NYC yesterday and it was pretty interesting, although seemed a little heavy on the sales pitch.  I am hoping that the presentations will eventually be on the web, since I would like to view a couple that I attended over again and view a couple that I missed.  I was constantly distracted by issues at work throughout the day, which was a little annoying. Probably more on this later, after I digest what I saw.

In the meantime, here are a couple of links for today.

Pinterest – Everyone is trying to be on Pinerest


Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest – that is all I have been hearing about all week.  I have to admit that I am curious – one of the sites I work with has just set up a page and I have submitted my request for an invitation [still waiting].  I am hoping that this will not be an over-hyped social farce.  Then again, I am also think Facebook is an over-hyped social farce – so take this with a grain of salt.

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Need to Start Trying

Durham, NC

I really need to start regularly blogging.  There are a whole bunch of topics I would like to touch on in the next few weeks.  Most of which are associated with potential projects including migrating to Drupal, using NGINX in a production environment, Percona DB migration and web site layouts [there are a few that I have very strong opinions on and where design is going in general].

I hope to start working small and getting more and more into the writing, but there are the day to day tasks that always get in the way.  I may throw a picture or two in when I feel like it – but that may be rare.

Chartbeat vs Google Real-Time

Charbeat vs Google Real-Time

I have been using Charbeat and Google Analytics for quite a while now an have only recently really started to look at Google’s Real-Time features.  Yes, sure they are still in beta, but what at Google isn’t in beta.  Today on one of the sites I work on we had a slashdot effect link [take your normal day’s traffic, multiply by 1000 and condense into an hour] and I was monitoring both Chartbeat and Google at the same time.  For the first hour there was no comparison – we had exceeded our account size and only Google was showing me ‘true’ numbers.

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